Akiko Nishito

Born in Osaka, Japan and after studying at an American high school as an exchange student for a year, she debuted as a radio DJ while still a student at Keio University, engaging programs on 30 stations nationwide.

She is known for her interviews drawing out the essential charm of people and has interviewed more than 5,000 celebrities in Japan as well abroad, including Stevie Wonder and Cyndi Lauper. Also, herself has released CDs as a singer. As a speech consultant, she has also published books, all of which have become long sellers and two of which have been published abroad as well.

The podcast “Gaba G Style English” hosted by her has been downloaded over 440 million times and has won the iTunes All-Time Best Podcast Award three years in a row.

Since 2020, she has been leading “Akiko Nishito school” that is for people to rediscover themselves. Inspired greatly by Oprah Winfrey, she is also trying to bring out the essential love, kindness, and goodness in human nature in her interviews with people. Her hope is that all people will realize that the same essence is contained within them.

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